Associated Suppliers

At ATliq we work close to our partners, but we also work close to suppliers that may be strategic for them. If you are a supplier in the sector and wish to belong to our association, you can now opt for the category of Associated Supplier with the following advantages



Introduce the Partner Supplier to the member companies and provide the appropriate contacts of each company


Organize presentations or webinars with technicians from the companies, at the request of the Associated Supplier


Send to companies articles or other documents of a commercial nature that are of interest to the Associated Supplier


Receive news from member companies and industry information


Develop its commercial actions in accordance with current legislation, good practices of industry and commerce, always respecting the image of the Association.
Pay an annual fee of € 1,500

Discharge procedure

    1. Written request according to ATliq’s Associated Supplier Application Form .
    2. Approval by the members of the Association.
    3. Payment of the first annual installment.

From there, automatic annual extension, provided that a withdrawal procedure has not been previously activated.

Withdrawal procedure

  1. At the request of the supplier, by writing before November 1 of each year.
  2. By reasoned decision of ATliq, communicated in writing (the normal reason would be the failure of the Partner Supplier to comply with any of the requirements).